A Shot in the Dark

There’s something magical about complete darkness. Maybe it’s that I live in a city and it doesn’t happen.

Maybe it’s the idea that you can be whoever you want under nightfall. That all expectations fall away with the daylight.

Maybe it’s that night is the preface to a day full of possibility. 

There are as many reasons, or more, to be scared of the dark. But to me, there’s beauty in that too.

I got to experience the most extraordinary form of darkness to close out 2018.

In the middle of the Caribbean, surrounded by the most important people in my life, we paused and tilted our heads back.

And in that moment, I think we each realized how insignificant we all are and, in turn, just how significant that makes us feel. The meaning of life was found in those 15 minutes.

Life’s meant to be lived like a shooting star flying across the sky.

Appearing in a split second with no need to worry about where it originated, just that it did.

It flies so fast if you blink you might miss it. Forget trying to capture it in a picture.

That same star fades to black as quickly as it come to light. Where did it go?

Does it matter?  


Just as none of that matters for us. Just as long as we’re lighting up while we’re here.